What is Diversity?

Diversity arises from the differences among us. Some of these differences are apparent and some are not; some we are born with and cannot change. When apparent differences are immutable, cultural assumptions that we may have learned from the media, our communities and our families are difficult to escape. It is for this reason that diversity initiatives tend to concentrate on the apparent and immutable differences among us. However, all of us are different one from the other and all of us, therefore, are in one respect or another, diverse. It is for this reason that all of us have a stake in creating an inclusive environment in our organizations.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion welcomes all of us, regardless of our differences, into the room, onto the team and around the lunch table. It requires us to learn about and value differences and treat everyone as equally worthy of respect. Inclusion creates a collaborative environment that values participation by individuals with different ideas and perspectives and provides the same access to opportunities and resources to everyone, enabling every lawyer and staff member to contribute fully to their organization’s success.

Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is transforming the mix into a team.

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