Diverse-Owned Business:
Studio Raw Elite

Dan Burda, Co-Owner   
Studio Raw Elite: A Community Salon
3185 Babcock Boulevard (North Hills)
Pittsburgh, PA,15237

Tell us about yourself and your business:

Early in life, I set out to become an actor, appearing on Star Search in 2001. After 11 years of owning a small business, I’ve discovered this is the actual “performance role” of a lifetime! Studio Raw Elite was created to make people feel WELCOME, ACCEPTED, and BEAUTIFUL, while taking them away from the daily stresses and struggles of life. At 38 years old, I have found what I love to do, which is taking care of others and helping them realize their own unique beautiful self. I run my business each day with a strong eye focused on growing my employees’ professional well-being and development, while ensuring our guests obtain the results they are seeking. We participate in the community around us, having raised over $250,000 over the years for various charities and families in need struggling in our community.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to you and your business?

From an early age, my mother and business partner taught me we are people – all equal. Thankfully, I never saw it any other way. I focus on the good people in the community and the positive spirits who wish to share and grow together. I’ve enjoyed the cultural melting pot that has been created at Studio Raw Elite, not only with our employees but with guests as well! As a member of the LGBT community, I have learned that no matter where we fall on the spectrum of the rainbow in this world, we all have something strong in common, regardless of who we are, and that is GOOD ENERGY! Standing in unison, together, we can help make it a better world. There is a generation behind us for whom we need to pave a bright yellow brick road to help guide them along their way.

How can others help support your business and help you grow?

Studio Raw Elite is open to our entire community. Whether you are in need of hair services as a client, employment as a stylist, philanthropic involvement as a community member, or a hug as a person in need to ease your weary soul, I am here to provide it. I thank the many people who have helped keep this dream alive for the years we’ve celebrated, and the many more who will continue to help us along the way! Life is short; LIVE IT.

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