Lightning Training: Microaggressions: Small Acts, Big Consequences

Mar 19, 2021

12-12:30 p.m.

Lightning trainings are programs lasting no more than 30 minutes designed to tackle just one discrete topic. Coalition ED Susan Yohe will present the second lightning training as part of our Towards a Culture of Inclusion program: Microaggressions: Small Acts, Big Consequences. Think of microaggressions as mosquito bites. Just like with mosquito bites, some people seem to really get a lot of them and others, not so much. Mosquito bites are annoying, sure, but nothing more — as long as you’re not the person who gets bitten all the time. And as long as your mosquito bite doesn’t undermine your confidence and maybe even alter your career trajectory. Because many microaggressions are unthinking, it is important that we make the invisible visible and start to examine what leads us to say and do things we don’t really mean to be hurtful. This half-hour session will start on time!  Register





For those participating in our Ally-Ready certification program, this is a LIGHTNING TRAINING.