Lightning Training: The Words We Use in the D&I Conversation

Feb 24, 2021

12-12:30 p.m.

I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing! Creating an inclusive environment requires us to be open to the people around us and willing to engage with the diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and views each of us contributes to the workplace. Maybe you’re thinking: but that’s not as easy as it sounds!  For its first “Lightning Training” in the Towards a Culture of Inclusion series, the PLDIC will present a basic primer on the key terms swirling around the diversity and inclusion conversation.

  • First, we talked about diversity; then diversity and inclusion. Now I hear everyone talking about diversity, equity & inclusion. What’s it all mean?
  • Black? African-American? LatinX, Latino, Hispanic? Person of Color? How do I know when to use which term?

This 30-minute session, presented by Eckert Seamans Employee Relations and Inclusion Manager Danielle Munkedkis and PLDIC ED Susan Yohe, lays down the first piece in the cultural competency puzzle leading to our May program with University of Pittsburgh linguistics professor Abdesalam Soudi and Jeannette South Paul, which will demonstrate the power of getting to know each other.

Upon registering for the program, you will be able to ask about particular terms you would like defined.

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For those participating in our Ally-Ready certification program, this is a LIGHTNING TRAINING.