Live Webinar CLE – Broaden Your Reach with Inclusive Language

Feb 24, 2022

12-2 p.m.


The legal field is more diverse than ever, and the momentum of diversification is only increasing. Across race, disability, gender and sexuality, upcoming lawyers (and prospective clients) are more likely to identify with a broad range of experiences. In this changing landscape, it is essential for all lawyers to stay up-to-date on the technical and cultural competencies required to build client trust and public confidence. Inclusive language is one of the best ways to ensure your practice is reaching its full potential.

This ACBA program will give you the communication tools to hire and retain more diverse talent that can attract and best advocate for a broader client base. It will cover the following content areas:

    • • Allyship in the office: Beyond Title VII
      • Best advocacy practices: Educating the court and other parties
      • Inclusive communication: Practical considerations (what to ask, say and write)
      • Introduction to gender neutral pronouns
      • Overview of basic concepts and terminology

This program will serve as a review for both newer and well-experienced practitioners. Learn more and register.