Reproductive Justice and Disability Justice

Mar 14, 2024

2-3:30 p.m.


Individuals with disabilities should have control over their bodies and sexualities and be entitled to love, choice, and pleasure. Access to high-quality healthcare and family support is also important. Reproductive justice necessitates acknowledging a range of historical and current injustices, including policies that undermine sexual education, eugenics, forced sterilization, high rates of sexual abuse and human trafficking, the Medicaid marriage penalty, lack of access to quality family planning, prenatal care, and more. It is critical to recognize how disability justice and reproductive justice are interconnected and essential in combating these injustices. Discrimination based on disability is intertwined with other forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, and heterocentrism. Join us for a conversation with Disability Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator Robin Wilson-Beattie and Michelle McMurray, Vice President, Program and Community Engagement at The Pittsburgh Foundation, to recognize the profound connection between reproductive justice and disability justice.

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