The Path to Belonging – Rise Through the Authenticity Principle

Feb 8, 2023

12-2 p.m.


The Path to Belonging — Rise Through the Authenticity Principle 

As we work to build more empowered, inclusive, and innovative workplaces, we need to explore the impact of bias on those who have continuously received negative messaging about their cultural differences. We know from research that experiences of bias cause professionals from equity-seeking communities to disproportionately conform and mask aspects of their identities in the workplace — but how can we address this?

In this inspiring presentation, Ritu Bhasin uncovers how the practice of authenticity and belonging can elevate professionals from equity-seeking communities to live, work and lead in a more empowered way. Specifically, she reveals how to identify and interrupt your own internalized bias and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, embrace and leverage your cultural differences to cultivate experiences of belonging, and consistently choose to be more authentic in your interactions.

Ritu’s sessions during our 2020 “Towards a Culture of Inclusion” series were some of our most highly attended programs. She is president of bhasin consulting inc., and an award-winning speaker, author, and globally recognized expert in diversity and inclusion, women’s advancement, and authentic leadership. Registered attendees will receive a free copy of Ritu’s book The Authenticity Principle. In order to create a safe space for sharing experiences, we request that only individuals who self-identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color attend this webinar. Register.