Fostering Effective & Inclusive Feedback: an Interactive Presentation & Feedback Hackathon Experience led by Paula Edgar

Jan 18, 2023

2-5 p.m.

UPMC, US Steel Tower, 31st Floor, 600 Grant St, Pittsburgh,15219

This customized 3-hour presentation and hackathon experience led by Paula T. Edgar, Esq., CEO of PGE Consulting Group LLC, is designed to educate and reflect on the importance of fostering a culture of feedback that is inclusive and meaningful for development and increased retention.

The interactive session, to be held in-person at member organization UPMC, will include scenarios to illustrate best practices for communicating and delivering feedback and navigating challenges. Attendees will participate in interactive group discussions with a goal to overcome hesitancy around feedback, build greater empathy and rapport in order to better coach and develop attorneys in their organization.

Participants will also engage in a feedback “hackathon” experience where they will collaborate to develop innovative and inclusive feedback strategies and solutions. Learn more about Paula.

Attendees please note: this event will be held on the 31st floor. Please remember to bring a photo ID to register at security upon arrival.