PLDIC Mentor Training Program – Session 2

May 21, 2024

12-1:30 p.m.

McGuire Woods, Tower Two-Sixty, 260 Forbes Ave., Suite 1800, Pittsburgh, PA

Mentors and mentees at all experience levels are invited to join the PLDIC’s Retention Committee for a three-part, interactive learning and training program on mentoring. Led by Professor Audrey Murrell of Pitt Business, attendees will learn through active participation how to improve retention and advancement of historically underrepresented employees in our region. The sessions will also include information from Professor Murrell’s research on mentoring and mentorship programs. The workshops will take place at PLDIC Member McGuireWoods’ offices on Tuesdays: May 14, May 21, and June 4 from 12-1:30 p.m. This series will offer 1.5 hrs of free CLE  credit for each session. Lunch will be served at each workshop.. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to attend all three sessions as they will build upon each other.

Workshop 1: Understanding the Impact of Mentoring for Personal and Professional Development (May 14)
This initial, interactive session will set the tone for the three-part program, providing important information about the critical areas of mentoring, what drives effectiveness in mentoring relationships and the importance of mentoring for professional development and to support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within the organizations. It will provide mentors and mentees with a thorough understanding of the need for effective mentoring and current existing research on its impact.

Workshop 2: The Power of Peer-to-Peer Mentors and Networks for Personal and Professional Development (May 21)
The second session in our three-part mentoring series will provide a deep-dive on the importance of peer-to-peer mentorship and networking. The workshop will include interactive exercises to engage participants in better understanding the importance of mentoring for their own career and personal development. In particular, participants will learn some of the competencies that different mentoring relationships help to enhance that are important for individual and leadership effectiveness.  The concept of “identity work” will be discussed and how it is supported by diverse peer or “lateral” mentoring relationships.  Participants will be asked to create a personalized mentoring plan to enhance their current mentoring network based on our discussion.

Workshop 3: The Importance of Mentoring for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a Key Driver for Organizational Effectiveness (June 4)
The last part in our three-part mentoring series will provide a deep-dive on the importance of mentoring for DEI as a key driver for organizational effectiveness. This hands-on session will actively engage participants to better understand the importance of mentoring for overall organizational effectiveness. In particular, this workshop will touch on intergenerational mentoring issues, working with a mentor/mentee from a different demographic, and how to find common ground in mentoring relationships. Additionally, a panel of PLDIC member organizations ( (including Buchanan Ingersoll, Meyer Unkovic & Scott, and K&L Gates) will provide insight into their formal mentoring programs – what works, what doesn’t work, and how other organizations can create successful mentoring programs.