Yoga with Jacquelin Walker

Jan 24, 2024

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Eckert Seamans Pittsburgh

This is the fifth session in our Brave Space/Self-Care Series.

This yoga practice will be for all levels of yoga experience. Through the exploration of movement, breathing techniques, mudra, and meditation, Walker will guide participants and offer tools for supporting our mind/body/universal connection. This 90m session is broken down into two parts – movement, breath and meditation (45m) followed by a shared meal.  Participants are encouraged to refrain from eating lunch until after we move and meditate. Come prepared with a mat, blanket or beach towel and bring any props you may need for comfortable movement and the option of a standing or seated practice. Bring your lunch or order ahead of time for delivery. Water and chairs for those seeking a chair based practice will be provided.

Jacquelin’s Bio: 

Jacquelin Walker (she/her) is a yoga facilitator, attorney, artist, and advocate for equity and justice in the arts and law practice. She creates spaces for voices excluded from these industries using her practices as labs to explore the possibilities that open to all of us when we center the care, concerns and visions of the folks marginalized within these communities.

Walker trained with YogaRoots on Location (200 YTT), an anti-racist and trauma-informed Raja yoga teacher training and this approach is integral to the liberatory practice Walker shares. Whether working directly with community members in private sessions, community yoga, or supporting corporate clients in developing capacity to more effectively incorporate culturally competent DEIJ values, Walker focuses on taking theory and Raja yoga’s 8-limbed path of liberation and connecting them to practice in the physical realm through embodiment. Walker’s approach focuses on sharing tools and practices that help others deepen self-awareness with an eye toward individual and collective healing and expansion, centering principles of justice, joy, rest, and leisure.

Walker’s solo practice, Law Office of Jacquelin Walker, focuses on serving the commercial needs of artists, entertainers, and the institutions that serve them. Rooted in an access to justice philosophy, the practice supports communities in developing a deeper sense of agency and understanding of the law by incorporating their lexicon, culture, values, and visions into actionable legal policies, processes, and documents. As an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh, she shares insights learned in her practice in courses like Intro. to Entertainment Law,  Legal Writing for Commercial Transactions, and Wicked Problems Innovation. Walker also serves as a law professor to the people, through community-based workshops on the law and practical steps participants can take to access and engage with transactional legal matters in their day-to-day personal and business lives.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Walker’s creative practice examines concepts of power, healing, and community by connecting creators and audiences to experiences that allow us to practice and grow new ways of being that support us in understanding the power that resides in each of us through collective action and care. She founded Fete-Fete in 2016 as a beacon to find an aligned creative community in New York and beyond rooted in these values. Choosing the role of cultural producer, Walker brings artists together to cultivate a new class of collectors from overlooked audiences and collaborators amongst artists. Fete-Fete continues in Pittsburgh with Walker consulting, performing, and co-creating with organizations like the Black Transformative Arts Network, BOOM Concepts, and Homewood Children’s Village. In 2021, Walker created Portals to Power, an ongoing action that focuses on creating a generative space in which communities develop pathways to their own care, health, and justice via the portals of connecting with the land, building relationship with medicinal plants, connecting with their own intuitive and ancestral wisdom, and expression of the visions learned through engaging art. In 2024, this action at the intersection of civic life, art, health and environmental justice will pick up where it left off in a campaign to gain control of, steward and activate green spaces on vacant land in some of Pittsburgh’s communities which have experienced extreme disinvestment, disproportionate amounts of poverty and care, and are now experiencing the colonial violence that is the cycle of gentrification.

Jacquelin Walker is admitted to practice in New York and Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and YogaRoots on Location. Walker was born and raised in Pittsburgh, grew up in Garfield, and resides in the Hill District. She loves a good party, folks with a wicked sense of humor, and can cook as well as she can eat. She believes that love will always win, that we co-create this world by the ways we show up to and for each other, and that solidarity is not transactional, but rather one of the greatest forms of love – for both the self and others – that we can express.